Testimonial Haiku House Sybolt ten Hoopen September 19 2021.

The Haiku House: We live on neighboring Statia and had a friend come pick us up with a Saban lobster fisherman, a quick 42-foot well-maintained boat. The boys’ weekend out started with a great trip on calm ocean waters. Coming into Saba by boat is an experience on a whole other level than by air. […]

“Waking up in the Haiku house is a dream…”

The smell of fresh air infused with Saban oranges, ferns, and wild island flowers; the astonishing views of a turquoise ocean; and the quiet tranquil feeling that takes over.  In all honesty, with all of our extensive traveling, nothing is quite as unique and exquisite as time spent at the pristine property. We lived on […]

Engulfed in Serenity


We were lucky enough to spend 11 amazing nights at Haiku House and are still basking from the experience.. I can’t say enough, but here goes… From the first step onto the island, we were met at the ferry dock by Peddy our cab driver for our entire stay who was like family by the […]

Saba an island or private club? Forget ‘Mustique’ this is real!

Ok, I’ve been quiet too long about my private club, Saba that I share with 1300 of my new closest friends… Anyone that lives in a small town, a suburb, a private gated community or in a condo etc. cannot have the amenities that this bespoke location has. It has a utopian element that we […]

Haiku House is stunning in every way

Our vacation at the Haiku House on Saba was perfect – and our experience began before our plane landed on the island. Michael and Albert thoughtfully and expertly took care of our pre-vacation requests to ensure — from the moment we arrived — we had everything we needed and even a few things we hadn’t […]

We enjoyed every moment of our stay in this house


Saba island is a magical place. It reminded us of Capri: a place for emperors. This house is magnificent. Photos do not do it justice. My wife and I have rented for our vacation multiple houses all around the world, but this house is the first in our list. It has everything we looked for: […]

A Haiku House Guest Testimonial

dinner saba villa

In early August 2015, we held our wedding at Haiku House on Saba. Haiku House property managers, Michael and Albert were very helpful in all aspects of our planning and preparations for the event. Upon booking the property, we received a very nice and detailed information packet about the property but also with all of […]