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Discover Saba Villas
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Welcome to Saba

Saba is a Caribbean island that inspires your imagination. This magical island gives her second name

“The Unspoiled Queen” honour ….. it is really unspoiled

Saba has a population of about 1600, spread out over four villages, and is governed by an island council. The head of State is the Governor, who is appointed by the King of the Netherlands. Since October 10, 2010, Saba is an official community of The Netherlands. The local authority of Saba falls directly under the responsibility of the Dutch Government in The Hague.

The Island Saba

What’s a Caribbean Island without a beach?

Visitors who fall in love with this tropical paradise in de Caribbean don’t seem to mind the lack of sand. Or for that matter, the lack of casinos, shopping malls and disco’s.

Perhaps it’s the 4 charming villages, the tropical rainforest, the friendly people and the unique underwater world what makes Saba so special.

Or more likely, its simply the way time seems to slow down here….

Saba, a momument of nature.

dinner table haiku house

Haiku House

The Saba Haiku House is a private hilltop villa based on a 16th Century Japanese Villa. It is the ideal luxurious mountain hideaway with private pool located on the island of Saba.

Scuba Diving Saba

Saba is a paradise for the scuba enthousiast. According to the experts, one of the best diving spots in the world. There are two professional DIVE OPERATORS on the island. The waters around the island, as well as the seabed and the seamounts form the Saba Marine Park, formally established to preserve and manage Saba’s marine resources for the benefit and enjoyment of the people, in perpetuity.



You won’t find it on many maps. And you certainly won’t know it by name. But once you discover Saba, you’ll have a serious…

Het eiland Saba is groen, veilig en kent amper criminaliteit. Bovendien is het klimaat na het orkaanseizoen uiterst…

10 best of everything

During my years of island finding. I have been to most places in the Caribbean. But the most unusual is Saba, Northeast of…

The Culture of Saba

There are a variety of shops and markets on the island, as well as a post office, police station and library. There are two banks in Windwardside which are open Monday through Friday. Besides regular schools there are special schools. An American medical university was established in 1994, working closely together with the local hospital.
For entertainment at night, there are a few very cosy local pubs and restaurants.

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