“Waking up in the Haiku house is a dream…”

The smell of fresh air infused with Saban oranges, ferns, and wild island flowers; the astonishing views of a turquoise ocean; and the quiet tranquil feeling that takes over.  In all honesty, with all of our extensive traveling, nothing is quite as unique and exquisite as time spent at the pristine property.

We lived on Saba years ago.  Queen Beatrice (Queen of Holland) would often come to visit the island and she would always stay at the Haiku House.  For us to have the chance to come back to this beautiful island and experience it as a tourist was nothing short of amazing.  We always feel like it’s a rare opportunity to step back in time and enjoy “island time” and escape from our overscheduled routines once we step foot on “The Unspoiled Queen” island.  

You will feel like a VIP here! From the time you book the property until the time you depart, Michael & Albert  (Saba Island Properties) go above and beyond to ensure the highest quality service.  They were quick to accommodate our special requests furthering a prestigious experience.  We are most impressed with their quick and detailed communication responses, reassuring us that everything was in place.  I highly recommend that you treat yourself to this once in a lifetime type of vacation.” 

Dr. Todd Brooking M.D.,B.S., M.A., MT and Tami Brooking – Photographer – Washington – USA


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