Haiku House, an amazing wooden villa situated in a tropical forest

December 23, 2022

The Haiku House has a feel of being at one with the best parts of the nature. It is engulfed in rainforest yet overlooks the town called The Bottom.. It feels like having the best of both worlds of a zen resort and a close by town with amazing food and friendly locals: We enjoyed opening up the wall sized sliding glass doors feeling the breezes off the ocean. Cecee was so helpful figuring out creative solutions to our flight problems that allowed us to get here more quickly and safely without having to lose another day of travel. Having a option to rent the car was so useful. She calmed our nerves about driving on the very steep hills that make this island so beautiful and we were pros after our first trip to the restaurants on the Windward Side. We were dropping our daughter off at school on the island and she enjoyed acclimating, and studying in the office of the Haiku House. The house and the island are amazing and we will stay here every time we come back. Words cannot describe how beautiful the views are from the back deck with multiple comfortable seating areas around a serenity pool.

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