Karl Wichser – Atlanta, GA.

The booking process for Haiku House was easy given the international nature of
rental and payments.  Caroline Hompes provided detailed and accurate banking
information.  The ability to pay in US dollars made payment easy.  She confirmed
receipt of payment very promptly… The ability to work directly with Caroline and
Michael (property manager – Saba Island Properties) was invaluable. 
Both Caroline and Michael were very helpful with several matters, including
advice on transportation, arrival, departure, restaurants, rental car, and use of
Haiku House.  They both helped make our first visit to Saba much more
We valued most Caroline and Michael’s prompt and clear communication and
Haiku House is a beautiful home – beautiful location, privacy, nice weather,
friendly people, hiking to the top of Mount Scenery, and the tide pools.
We were treated well during our stay, respectfully and with courtesy.  Michael
was always responsive to our inquiries either via phone or WhatsApp.

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