Eco friendly & Unspoiled

The island of Saba has a wide variety of wildlife and lush nature that is carefully guarded by the Dutch authorities. Combine this with a great moderate tropical climate and you now where paradise can be found. Next to that, Saba has hardly no mosquitoes!

The Saban people are very warm and welcoming. The island is extremely clean and there is virtually no crime at all. That is why smart people choose Saba as their secret hideaway in the Caribbean! 

Saba is a Caribbean island that inspires your imagination. This magical island gives her second name “The Unspoiled Queen” honour ….. it is really unspoiled

Scuba Diving

Saba is a paradise for the scuba enthousiast. According to the experts, one of the best diving spots in the world. There are two professional DIVE OPERATORS on the island Sea Saba  and Saba Deep. The waters around the island, as well as the seabed and the seamounts form the Saba Marine Park, formally established to preserve and manage Saba’s marine resources for the benefit and enjoyment of the people, in perpetuity.



Saba offers a variety of hiking and nature trails over assorted terrain, from the shoreline to the top of Mount Scenery (Elfin Forest). The Mount Scenery is the highest point in the Dutch Kingdom (877m of 2877ft) and is Saba’s dominant feature with its dense vegetation and a variety of species of unique and rare plants.

Most trails can be hiked on your own; trail maps are available at the Trail Shop situated in Windwardside. As a safety precaution, please stay on the track and bring enough water with you. Trails to do from the Haiku House are The Sandy Cruz Trail, it starts 200 meters from the house and The Crispeen Track. This trail begins close to the Queens Gardens Resort.

But you also can visit the Trail Shop to schedule a guided hike or for more detailed information on a particular trail and to acquire a deeper understanding of the flora, fauna and Saban lore.

Established to preserve and manage Saba’s marine resources for the benefit and enjoyment of the people, in perpetuity.


The love, happiness and joy of the Saban people you will find again in their fine cuisine. Saba has a host of special restaurants that are more than worth a visit. Most of them serve the famous Saba Langouste, freshly caught every day. Or what to think of the Mahi Mahi or fresh tuna steak. Together with typical Caribbean cuisine they all serve a number of the best vegetarian dishes as well.

Some suggestions to visit in Windwardside are Tropic’s Café, open all day and a lovely spot to drink your cocktail in the afternoon. The Brigadoon for exquisite tastes or Chez Bubba Bistro, with it’s exclusive wine cellar.

In The Bottom close to the Haiku House, Queen’s hotel, bar & kitchen restaurant serves a romantic diner for two, high up in a tree. And in the Centre of the village at Island Flavor, one can enjoy the perfect breakfast and lunch.

These are just a few suggestions of what Saba cuisine has to offer you.

Other Activities on Saba

Although Saba is small Island, there are plenty of things to do.

Besides scuba diving in the famous Saba Marine Park and hiking on the large number of amazing trails, Saba also has some annual events like the Saba Summer Festival in the last week of July, the Saba Restaurant Week in September or the Saban Triathlon in January. Also a lot of nice workshops are offered such as Wine Tasting or Jewelry making. For more information:

There are a variety of shops and markets on the island, as well as a post office, police station and library. Saba has two banks in Windwardside which are open Monday through Friday. Besides regular schools there are special schools. An American medical university was established in 1994, working closely together with the local hospital.
For entertainment at night, there are a few very cosy local pubs and restaurants.

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Saba Highlights

• Safe and Clean
• No crime
• Rainforest
• Almost no musquitos
• Unique Flora and Fauna
• Lots of birds and other animals
• Protected Marine Park
• Good water quality
• Excellent Diving
• Great Mountains
• Great Hiking
• Nature oriented tourism
• Very friendly people
• English Speaking
• Best climate in the Caribbean
• Diversity of plants & fruits

making Saba one of the safest spots in the world.