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Saba Villas Development

Saba Villas NV is developing a unique villa/resort project on Troy Hill, near the capital The Bottom, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation.

To create your own paradise like Haiku House, Saba Villas offers the possibility to develop your own private spot, dream home or dream villa on Troy Hill.

What we can offer:

  • 24 lots for villa development between 1100 and 5000 m2 (0,3 and 1,23 acres)
  • a parcel of land for a 5* hotel development. A detailed plan available is Leaf Resort. This is a 100% eco friendly, self sufficient resort-plan
  • a parcel of land for hotel and villa development. Appr. 80.000 m2 (appr 19 acres)

Buyers can expect full cooperation of the Saba Government for development villas or hotel construction.

Info at Saba Island Properties:

  • Troy Hill lots
  • Technical drawing
  • Troyhill block

Do you want more information about the Real Estate and Properties on Saba? Please leaf your details and we will sent you up to date documentation.

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